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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Falcon Suing the Falconers
OCTOBER 7TH, 2017 ASIA NEWS, LITE BLOGS, WORLD NEWS 0 COMMENTS 4 Poor Hafiz Saeed. His mentors are no more keen on keeping him in the protection list. The international community is now against all sort of terrorism. Saeed, a protégé of Pakistan Army and his terrorist group, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) which works under various guises like Jamat-udDawa (JuD), operates freely from Lahore and other major cities in Pakistan under the patronage and protection of Pakistan Army, is now suing the Foreign Minister for defamation and seeking a compensation of 10 crores….A special report by Dr Safath Abdul Khader Chief of Pakistan’s Jamaat-u... More
Not surprising, Pak does a u-turn on Hafiz Saeed
--Allabaksh The Punjab government’s recent decision to withdraw terrorism charges against terrorist mastermind and the main accused in the Mumbai terror attack of 2008, Hafiz Saeed, has only exposed* Pakistan’s nefarious alliance and patronage of terrorist groups. This should give the Trump administration some food for thought given its new-found sympathy for Pakistan. But the Punjab government’s decision has not surprised anyone who knew even little about Pakistan’s relationship with Hafiz Saeed and other terrorist leaders. A point which needs reiteration is that the provincial government is headed by the beleaguered former Prime Ministe... More
Who is running Pakistan today?
--Manzoor Ahmed Even by Pakistani standards, it is a strange phenomenon that has enveloped the country—it is like a train without a driver, or a chicken without a head. An elected Prime Minister was forced into oblivion on corruption charges, with the combined might of the judiciary and the military targeting to break the Sharif family’s hold on politics in Punjab and elsewhere. The man in the Prime Minister’s saddle is ShahidKhaqanAbbasi, a former engineer who strayed into politics and have shifted alliances in the short career. By all accounts, he is an interim arrangement till Nawaz Sharif is either done in by the judiciary or manage... More
Kangaroo Republic: From Bluster to Bended Knees
After months of bluff and bluster and chest-thumping protests to defend the nation’s ‘honour’, the Kangaroo Republic of Pakistan lies prostrate before the United States, the country it loves to damn after becoming a Chinese colony. The rhetoric of painting the US as evil has suddenly been replaced by conciliatory words that clearly show that the land of the pure just can’t do without Uncle Sam—its diplomatic, economic and military power. Suddenly there is a discovery in Pakistan that the two Cold War-era ‘allies’ are returning into each other’s arms after by now a familiar periodic tiffs. Incredibly, Pakistan even admits—after years of re... More
Taliban and Peace in Afghanistan
There is a story of some wise rats deciding to bell the cat for peace. But the peace remained elusive because no rat dared bell her. This is somewhat the story of international efforts to bring peace in Afghanistan wishfully thinking that the Taliban will join these efforts. Taliban furiously reject such efforts with more bloodshed. On October 16 four nations, named the Quadrilateral Contact Group (QCG), met in Muscat (Oman) to discuss how to persuade the Taliban to come to the negotiating table for peace talks. The group comprised Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and Russia. Since its formation in January last year the QCG has been mak... More
Pak Army must answer for Sufi shrine attacks
--Manzoor Ahmed Early this month in October, a suicide bomber set himself off outside a Sufi shrine in JhalMagsi town in Balochistan, killing 13 devouts and injuring 27 others who were offering prayers at the dargah. Earlier this year, over 80 people were killed in another suicide attack on a shrine, Lal ShahbazQalander shrine in Sindh province. These attacks form a clear and distressing pattern of targeted killings and destruction of symbols of liberal religious values and pluralism by extremist and terrorist outfits, mostly Sunni. Many of these groups enjoy the patronage of either the political parties or the army, or both. A Sindhi n... More
Death by terror is the fate of Hazaras in Pakistan
--Allabaksh Hazaras in Pakistan face a double jeopardy—they are in minority and are Shias. They are therefore easy targets of extremist groups and their patrons, the intelligence services, who view them as `enemies` because of their looks and origin. The Hazaras are as much Pakistani as others but live like unwanted outsiders, bearing humiliations and threats every moment of their living existence. Other Pakistanis do not care much about what happens to the Hazaras who are forced to live in the ghettos of Quetta, a life riddled with fear and impoverishment. In a long and scathing reportage, the Pakistani English daily, Dawn, summed up ... More
--Manzoor Ahmed When diplomats anywhere fight, it does not ooze blood, but the damage is done, not just to the fighters and their targets, but to the country concerned. This has just happened to Pakistan. Abdul Basit, who was the high commissioner to India till only a few weeks and had made both friends and foes in New Delhi’s diplomatic and social circles with his tough but suave talk, has written nasty letter to his former boss, then Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry, who is now the ambassador to the United States. “Discrediting [Paki¬stan’s] Ambassador [to the United States] Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry at a time when he is dealing with a... More
MISSING PERSONS IN PAKISTAN By Valentin Popescu Pakistan is up for review before the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for the third time this year, but Islamabad has taken no steps to make enforced disappearances an actionable crime. And on International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances this year on 30th August, victims and activists went through their annual ritual- stagingprotest rallies. Defence of Human Rights, a non-governmental organization working for the recovery of disappeared persons, laments that more than 5,000 cases of enforced disappearance have remained unresolved till date in Pakistan, which projects itsel... More
--Manzoor Ahmed When diplomats anywhere fight, it does not ooze blood, but the damage is done, not just to the fighters and their targets, but to the country concerned. This has just happened to Pakistan. Abdul Basit, who was the high commissioner to India till only a few weeks and had made both friends and foes in New Delhi’s diplomatic and social circles with his tough but suave talk, has written nasty letter to his former boss, then Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry, who is now the ambassador to the United States. “Discrediting [Paki¬stan’s] Ambassador [to the United States] Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry at a time when he is dealing with a... More
China finally agrees Pakistani groups a threat
When leaders of five big countries jointly issued a statement listing Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) as common threats, it signified a most notable departure from the past and a renewed effort to stem the tide of terrorism which has been plaguing many regions, including India, Russia and China, for decades now. It was no less significantly a resounding warning to Pakistan which hosts, and protects, these and other terrorist groups. The statement carried an added heft considering that the one of the signatories to the statement was China, otherwise an all-weather ally of Pakistan and one country which has been persistent... More
Pakistan is sore that its role in hosting various terror groups on its soil found a big mention in the Xiamen Declaration of the BRICS Summit and the meet’s host, all-weather friend China, was of no help. It was for the first time that Pakistan, though not mentioned directly, got badly exposed at a summit level meeting taking place on the Chinese soil. Lack of a direct mention hardly mattered since the whole world knows, and acknowledges, that Lashkar-e-Toyaba, the Afghan Taliban, the Haqqani network, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad operate from the Pakistani soil. China either did not, or could not try to save its best friend, even ... More
Hafiz Saeed’s political front part of Pak Army plan
Allabaksh Coming on the heels of a major political upheaval, it is not surprising to know about the global terrorist group, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT), which enjoys an all-weather patronage of Pakistan Army, setting up a political party. It is not difficult to see that this move is part of the larger plan of Pakistan Army to run the country without bothering to contest the elections or pretend to be democratic. For years, especially ever since General Pervez Musharraf, threw out Nawaz Sharif in October 1999, and became the martial administrator of the state of Pakistan, and subsequently its President, the army has been toying with the idea... More
Pakistan in limbo over LeT chief Saeed
Instability on political front after the exit of Nawaz Sharif and the pressure from the Trump administration besides the Chinese policy keep Lashkar Chief under the so called ‘house arrest’….writes Dr Sakariya Kareem Chief of Pakistan’s Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) Hafiz Saeed (C, front) leaves after being detained by police in eastern Pakistan’s Lahore on early Jan. 31, 2017. Authorities in Pakistan have detained Hafiz Saeed, chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), the group accused of planning the 2008 attacks in the Indian commercial center of Mumbai that had killed 166 people, the group’s spokesman said Tuesday. (Xinhua/Sajjad) (lrz) Pakistan’s notor... More
Why China supports Pak terror groups?
China’s support for two rogue countries, North Korea and Pakistan, leaves a big blot on its international image. The Communist country is disregarding international norms and conventions to protect terrorist leaders like Masood Azhar …writes Dr Sakariya Kareem Chinese President Xi Jinping presides over an informal leaders’ meeting of the BRICS in Hamburg, Germany (Xinhua/Ma Zhancheng)(mcg) One reason why Pakistan continues to hoodwink the international community over supporting terrorist groups and in the process protect some of the most wanted terrorists is the support it draws from China. China, which otherwise claims a moral high posit... More
Pak’s terrorist haven label a warning to China
Manzoor Ahmed Once a staunch ally, the United States has finally accepted, and declared that Pakistan was one of the few countries in the world which continued to provide safe havens to terrorist groups. This is a clear warning and signal to China which claims Pakistan to be its new `staunch` ally. In fact, China is leaning on Pakistan for its economic recovery (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) and to play its devious games with responsible neighbouring nations like Bhutan and India. For China and other countries which continue to support and protect Pakistan when it comes to the issue of terrorism would do well to pay close attention ... More
Lahore terror attack belies Pak Army boasts
Less than a week after Pakistan Army claimed to have launched another `all-out` war against terrorists in the tribal areas, terrorists attacked the heart of Pakistan, Lahore, to expose the lies and fabrications which the army has been doling out to its people and the world. It was a big tragedy for the people of Lahore, and Pakistan, who have been misled by the army and its leadership for years. This year, it is the fourth such attack in Lahore. Words of well-known journalist, Zahid Hussain, in an article which he wrote in Dawn in the aftermath of the February 2017 attack in Lahore are worth repeating here for the simple reason: not a thin... More
Fear of Chinese imperialism rising in Pakistan
-- Allabaksh There is a growing fear of Chinese imperialism in Pakistan. What is worrying people are not only the Chinese taking over the economic space in Pakistan but also the real possibility of their culture being overwhelmed and subjugated by the aggressive Chinese cultural imperialism. With the Chinese money comes Chinese literature, language, cultural and political icons. This could prove to be more disastrous for Pakistan, already reeling under a grave social upheaval over religious identity. The vehicle for this cultural hegemony is the ambitious and much-touted China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). People of Pakistan are fed... More
Where is the difference between Islamic state and Taliban terror?
By Samuel Baid Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s final offer to the Taliban for talks, frankly speaking, may not yield any positive response. Similarly, the threat that otherwise they would have to face consequences is very likely to impress the Taliban who enjoy reassuring external support. The strength of the Taliban lies in the support of some countries, who for their vested interests want to see the Taliban reinstalled into power in Afghanistan and the progress this country made in the past 16 years reverted. These friends of the Taliban can then exploit this country’s natural resources and impose on it their political will. Afgh... More
China’s Game in Pakistan
By Samuel Baid While taunting India for self-inflicting isolation by keeping away from the Chinese show, the Belt and Road Forum (BRF), in Beijing mid-May, the Pakistani press suddenly wake up to find that their all-weather friend. China, was taking their country to ultimate serfdom dangling before it a glittering vision. Many Pakistanis must have begun imagining themselves as Arabian Sheikhs once the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) reached function. But these excited Sheikh Chillis might not have stopped for a moment to ask why China is investing bill... More
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