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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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No Leniency for the unprofessional conduct of lawyers: Chief Justice of India
new delhi, july 17: Chief Justice of India (CJI) Justice T S Thakur today said that there should be no room for leniency for unprofessional conduct in legal profession.
Delivering the key note address at a national seminar on continuing legal education and its benefits at the Jharkhand Judicial Academy, here, he called upon the lawyers’ fraternity to take stern action against those involved in unprofessional conduct in the profession.
Justice Thakur said "what do we do in such cases? Suspend them for six months or one year. But we have to be ruthless, throw them out, don’t allow them to practice. One such black sheep brings disrepute to the entire profession."
He said while quality legal education was required, it was also equally important to see how strict the system was with those involved in unprofessional conduct.
Besides, he also asked the lawyers to remain updated through constant education and training in the wake of the possibility of foreign law firms likely to be allowed entry into the country.
Advocating the need for regulated entry into the profession of lawyers, Justice Thakur said "there could well be around 20 million lawyers in the country. The question is how many do we really need.
"Can we accommodate them all? Lack of jobs and engagement for so many people entering the profession lead to malpractice.
"Some depend on becoming oath commissioners, others try to sustain themselves by becoming notaries. Some look for bail matters.
"And still others indulge in all sorts of brokering and other malpractice. Being a law graduate is one thing. But there needs to be some regulation and training before one could make entry as a professional lawyer."
On a lighter note, the CJI asked as to why lawyers fared poorly in the 'marriage market'. "Engineers, doctors and IAS are in great demand because it is not easy become one. But anybody can become a lawyer... that is why they don’t get good market," he said.
He also called upon the young lawyers to be prepared for the times to come.
"We are in a globalised world. If you are not update, if your service is poor, you will simply disappear.
"What happened to the small shopkeepers in the face of malls? They disappeared. Therefore, you have to constantly upgrade yourself," he said.
The CJI also said that today’s litigants have higher expectations from the lawyers on several counts.
"Gone are the times, when the lawyer would argue in English and the litigant only knew whether he won or lost the case.
"Today, they are aware of how you present the facts, how you are arguing, they will know whether the judge respects you. And, they are not willing to wait for 20 years," said the CJI.
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