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Monday, December 10, 2018
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A Witness to the great Annihilation
by P C K Prem

Time of total destruction of the universe had arrived it was apparent. It was an age of darkness and emptiness. In this age nothing existed and yet the Invisible Creator, the supreme Lord lived, witnessed the destined end of the Universe. It was the end of Kalpa (a long yuga). None could avert the time of destruction, as it was ordained. It was a horrible scenario, unendurable to see. Brahma was witness to the grand and hair-raising event of Mahapralaya (a huge catastrophe).
All monks were stunned. When annihilation began, it destroyed the moon, the sun and the air. The animate and the inanimate world began to die and thus, created beings appeared on the verge of total collapse. That time was unique and extraordinary, and instilled fears in the minds of living beings. When the monks coaxed the Supreme lord Brahma, he revealed the tale of destruction and painted a horrific scene of the world before the beginning of end.
It is an amazing scenario of God’s wish. First, one witnesses rise of a highly furious sun shining brilliantly. After the eye-blinding rays of sun and terrible heat, dark clouds begin gathering and then, create thundering roars, and terrific sounds fill hearts with fears. Deadly lightening thunders strike the earth with deafening noise. All the trees and mountains disintegrate with the lethal falling of lightening. It is nature’s fury. The whole world appears destroyed. Chaotic upheavals continue to disturb and torture. All rivers and lakes dry up. As the air divinely assists, samvartak fire (the god of fire) spreads over the entire world. Overheads, twelve suns begin to scorch and burn. Samvartak fire and heat of the sun pierce the ground and reach subterranean worlds, and undoubtedly fill all the gods, daityas, demons and yakasas with horrifying fright.
Fatal fire burns everything on earth, and if anything seems left out it blisters. Afterwards, the fire reaches the great land of Nagas, the Nagaloka (the land of snakes) and sears the land and the snakes. It does not stop here. The journey of the devastating fire continues and it destroys the entire world situated in the subterranean regions that appear unfathomable to anyone, for it is difficult to know the maya (delusory potency) of the great Supreme Lord. Engulfing fire samvartak (the god of fire) and air rage ahead and spread to an area of twenty lakhs yojnas and together the lords reduce all asuras, gandharavas, yakasas, nagas (snakes) and raksasas to ashes. Total annihilation frightens as the terrible fire destroys and reduces created beings to ashes. All worlds disappear and only the terrible fire and raging wind seem responsible for the immeasurable devastation. Mysterious are the ways of the Supreme God, for it loves created beings and still, when annoyed, he destroys.
Scenario of destruction instills fears as the great sage finds everything lost and destroyed
At the dreadful time of annihilation, the great dharmatma (a man of dharma) sage Markandeya appeared engaged in deep meditation. All-devouring fire of destruction reached near him. His throat, the plate of the tongue, mouth and lips dried up. Seeing the most appalling fire trying to singe him, extreme terror filled and unable to find a guardian, he ran about to save life. He got no peace or relief anywhere.
He thought deeply and whispered, “What should I do? I do not understand. To whose shelter I should go. How I should have holy darshana (glimpses of the eternal and Supreme Purusa, the First Man.” He looked genuinely worried at the turn of events when everything was in ruins.
He contemplated on the situation with a concentrated mind and in a meditative countenance went to the chief cause of the great annihilation, the great Vat, king of the vat trees (Purusas) of eternal and divine status. When the great monk saw the divine Vat, he hurriedly went near it and sat on one of its huge branches. No fear of deadly fire driving living beings to death frightened him. No dread of burning embers could scorch anymore near the eternal tree. It was neither possible for the god of Fire to enter nor any danger or fear of thunder or lightening that could instill panic.
Again, the sky overcast with dark clouds appeared full of dazzling light and brilliance, and the dark thundering clouds covered the entire sky. Soon, it rained so heavily that it drowned all mountains, forests and earth in a gigantic volume of water and it filled all the directions and regions. Torrential rain by the celestial clouds on earth that had devoured the entire world, soon extinguished the deadly fire, which had earlier turned everything to dying flickers. It continued to rain heavily for twelve years. It appeared the sea had violated its own set standards. Huge mountains stood dissolved in the water and then, everything flowed down with vigorously appalling current of water inundating the earth. As if it were not enough, a dreadful hurricane swept the entire earth. Swift and dreadful whirlwind scattered to fragments and the dark dreadful clouds overcast the sky.
When the sun, fire, air, clouds, rain and hurricanes brought havoc on earth and a scene of total destruction around threatened to overwhelm, at that time, the holy monk securely sat on the branch of eternal Vat (Purusas), and nobody could find anything more for possible devastation and extermination. At that time, lord Vishnu, inhaled the cosmic air blowing outside in various worlds, and thereafter, retired to divine bedroom (Akarnava). At that time, one found no animate or inanimate being on earth or elsewhere. It was devoid of any life as terrible act of annihilation had destroyed celestial abodes of all the gods, worlds of asuras, human beings and yakasas.
Sage Markandeya sat under the tree now, took a break, relaxed and analyzed the cause and the reason while the destruction was nearly complete, even as lord Vishnu was asleep. After moments of comforts and peace, sage Markandeya meditated on the Supreme Purusa and when he opened eyes, he found the entire earth inundated. He witnessed a huge ocean of water. To his surprise, he discovered that the celestial tree Vat, the earth, various directions and regions, the sun, the moon, the fire, the air, the gods and goddesses, asuras, nagas (snakes) and the created beings were not visible.
Holy monk felt aggrieved at the colossal loss of life and therefore, slowly began to go down in deep water. Now, he swam. He kept swimming and continued to wander about but found no guardian, who could provide shelter or rescue him from imminent death. Lord was very happy with him when he meditated on him while the entire world faced extermination.
The great lord Vishnu appears before Markandeya
Observing the sage upset and confounded, the great lord appeared and said in compassionate words, “O son Markandeya, you followed the most sacred meditation and fast (tapa). You are still a child. You must be exhausted. Come, yes, come to me immediately. You need not fear. Now, you are in front of me.”
Sage Markandeya felt as if driven to deep worries after he heard assuring words of the great god. It appeared as if he had a dream. Or else the delusory powers of the great Purusa appeared to engulf and stupefy. Birth of sane thoughts that destroys sufferings conquered the state of indecisiveness he thought deeply, and so, unique realization dawned upon as divine eyes saw radiance around. He resolved that he would now go and seek refuge at the feet of the great god (Supreme Purusa), the Supreme Lord.
He looks at a huge Vat tree and a divine child – a grand panoramic experience While, he thought deeply about the truth, he saw again a huge Vat tree on the surface of water. On one of the wide branches of Vat, he saw a comfortable and divine bed, on which the divine child lord Krishna sat adding celestial beauty to the place. ... More
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